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Sunlight could lower blood pressure!

March 12, 2014 Leave a comment

Sunlight could lower blood pressure!

Wow right?

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CDC Admits as Many as 30 Million Americans Could be at Risk for Cancer Due to Polio Vaccine | The Liberty Beacon

July 16, 2013 Leave a comment
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OPRL1 gene associated with more PTSD

June 11, 2013 Leave a comment


English: Cases of PTSD and Severe Depression A...

English: Cases of PTSD and Severe Depression Among U.S. Veterans Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan Between Oct 2001 and Oct 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s nice information to know if a certain gene can be associated with PTSD, if you have the gene you and your family could take extra steps in compensating for stressful events rather than expecting people to “buck up”.

This article shows that the use of a particular undisclosed drug kept people from having PTSD like symptoms in mice.  The drug works by activating the OPRL1 receptor for a brain chemical called nociceptin.   When the receptor was activated the mice learned not to feel fear.

In humans the presence of a particular SNP of that same gene had more pronounced PTSD symptoms.

So one version of the gene can protect you while another version may not.  And it seems that morphine  acts on a receptor that’s related, by that I assume close to, OPRL1.

Targetted Probiotics

This is a great video by Kurt Woeller about the several kinds of probiotics.  While we all know that probiotics are good for you, I didn’t quite absorb which ones target what kinds of conditions.

Kurt references the following:

  • Culturelle used for Clostridia
  • VSl3 breaks down Oxalates
  • Threelac attacks yeast
  • Saccharomyces boulardii (yeast)  attacks candida (yeast) and clostridia.
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It’s not autoimmune, it’s viruses

This is a two hour video, but well worth watching.  Dr. Trent argues that the government has used viruses as biological weapons.  Many of these viruses and methods have found their way into the vaccinated, and now they are manifesting as autoimmune conditions.  We can all have theories like this but he backs it up with a narrative that is quite convincing, and he names names.




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Chronic Fatigue and Exercise Intolerance

Sleeping when studying - Nakhon Sawan, Thailand

Sleeping when studying – Nakhon Sawan, Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Exercise Intolerance is exactly the thing that people blame themselves (and others for).  Stop being lazy, push yourself harder, nauseous?  here have a half a stick of gum, now don’t give up!

Maybe all these things are valid at one level to get one out of a rut, or complacency, but when you have chronic fatigue these behaviors maybe fairly dangerous.  One young man who pushed himself despite his Exercise Intolerance, died from his efforts.

The Test

Using the same stress tests as used by doctors and sports professionals 8 minutes on an exercise bike, add in a mask to test for oxygen levels, the system tests several systems, cardiac, pulmonary, and metabolic.  Normal people after having this type of stress should recover and have the same performance the next day.   CFS people do not. If you have CFS you know that it takes several days to recover.

The test can give you your “anaerobic threshhold”.  This is the activity level where CFS patients now lose strenth and stamina in a way that is difficult to recover from.  Less than your threshhold you can still “bounce back” from your activities.  That threshold can be referred by heart rate, so theoretically you can exercise as long as you remain below that threshhold.


Unfortunately some people meet this threshhold while taking a shower, or other daily activities.  Luckily Social Security has been accepting the results from this test as an independent marker of disability.

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General Insurance Authorization info for ABA

January 30, 2013 Leave a comment

ABATrumpet Behavioral Health (TBA) and TACA (Talking about Curing Autism)  recently held a webinar about gaining insurance coverage for ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis). ABA has typically been a 40 hr/week program at home aimed and infants and toddlers to train children in correct behavior.   It is not based on deep cognition.  Nonetheless it is one of the few things studied that have been shown to help autism, and what’s new is that insurance companies are beginning to cover it!    You can imagine  that any intervention  of 40 hrs/week with trained individuals can get quite expensive.

Important General Insurance Info

Regulating Health Plans in CA

TBA is based in California so there will be a California-centric view. In CA these are the organizations which regulate health plans: DMHC (Department of Managed Health Care) and CDI (California Division of Insurance).  If you have been denied healthcare these agencies can review the determination and may overturn insurance decisions.  They cannot change any benefits in the plan, but if the benefits are already in the plan they may be able to help you get them.

In your state, you might be able to go to the analogous agency in your state.  To find out who regulated insurance in your state you can simply ask the insurance company, and of course look it up on the web.

Type of Insurance Plan

  • Fully Insured – large group plans, regulated by the government, owned by insurance companies, regulated by state agencies.
  • Self Funded – employers money funds the plan so government mandates do not apply.  They may still hhave 3rd party administrators that look like insurance companies like the Fully Insured but employers decide final benefits. Several self insured plans cover ABA, such as Microsfot Home Depot etc

A Summary Plan Description- has the details of your plan, research this for benefit  actual benefit determination


ABA falls under Mental Health benefit, therefore use mental health phone number when contacting the insurance company/administrator.  Your plan may have Autism Unit/Care Manager.  The best way to get authorization is to get a precise list of what documents are needed for authorization.


ABA or any therapy requires an assessment.  You will want to find out what details are required to gain coverage.  Question can be:

  1. Who can do assesment?  Masters Level clincian? Licensed? How many hours after their masters are required i any?
  2. How long is the assessment? # of hours?  Are there different coverages for the assessment and the writeup for the assessments?  Is there a maximum timeperiod during which the report can be submitted?
  3. When is reassessment required?
  4. What code will you bill under?
  5. What assessemnt tools used by provider are approved?


  1. Who can provide supervision? Masters? BCBA Licensed?
  2. Can Supervision be billed on same day as direct ABA Service?
  3. How many hours of supervision is approved?
  4. Does supervision have to be in presence of client?

Direct Services

  1. How many hours of direct therapy are covered?
  2. Who can provide direct therapy?
  3. Where can services be provided (historically it was at home), if clinic setting is there a different copay?
  4. What are approved dates of service?

Treatment Plan Requirements

  1. What forms should be used for authorization? Are they found online?
  2. Resend treatment plan before authorization expires?
  3. What to include in the treatment plan to be covered?
    • goals
    • objecives
    • target dates
    • baseline
    • transition plan
    • discharge criteria
    • Parent Involvement

How TBA can Help

Members of this organization fight for coverage under your exsiting coverage, they have several years of experience with  insurance companies, and state organizations.  They can help with the following to get coverage:

  • coding,
  • copay/ # of sessions
  • authorizations and
  • billing
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