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My thoughts on Square One Cancer Coaching Program

October 26, 2017 Leave a comment

I’m sure all of you have been watching one giant megaseries on a topic or another.  Typically you get one or more free episodes per day, and then at the end you get a mega weekend to catch up on the episodes you have missed.

Now most people don’t have time for all the episodes or they can’t absorb what’s being put out there.  So the solution is to buy the package and watch at your leisure. And you get a discount if you buy early. This is a coaching program so you do get the opportunity to ask questions.  Typically you also get transcripts, and that can make all the difference in the world!

If this is something that is afflicting you or a loved one, you are likely to buy the course.  But if you are being proactive you might buy it with good intentions like the books you used to buy, and maybe now all the youtube videos you mean to watch, and not get back to it.  To be fair youtube is an associative rabbit hole, meaning you can see this interesting video and that interesting video, and before you know it you believe in Aliens.


Well I did buy the Square One course, and I do have several people who have cancer. So I need to pay attention.  So my thoughts are to cull out the salient points for my own reference.  Look there is so much more to Square One offering than the bullet points I’m going to address in subsequent posts.  It’s not just about the diet and supplements, but I need to create an action plan.  So my thoughts of what I learn from the course will be here.  But I do urge you that if you know anyone who has cancer or any major illness really, to also get the course.

I think I’ll have a better opinion when I give each episode the attention they deserve.  Again it is a positive program, and easy on the eyes.  See you in the next post!


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Sunlight could lower blood pressure!

March 12, 2014 Leave a comment

Sunlight could lower blood pressure!

Wow right?

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CDC Admits as Many as 30 Million Americans Could be at Risk for Cancer Due to Polio Vaccine | The Liberty Beacon

July 16, 2013 Leave a comment
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OPRL1 gene associated with more PTSD

June 11, 2013 Leave a comment


English: Cases of PTSD and Severe Depression A...

English: Cases of PTSD and Severe Depression Among U.S. Veterans Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan Between Oct 2001 and Oct 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s nice information to know if a certain gene can be associated with PTSD, if you have the gene you and your family could take extra steps in compensating for stressful events rather than expecting people to “buck up”.

This article shows that the use of a particular undisclosed drug kept people from having PTSD like symptoms in mice.  The drug works by activating the OPRL1 receptor for a brain chemical called nociceptin.   When the receptor was activated the mice learned not to feel fear.

In humans the presence of a particular SNP of that same gene had more pronounced PTSD symptoms.

So one version of the gene can protect you while another version may not.  And it seems that morphine  acts on a receptor that’s related, by that I assume close to, OPRL1.

Targetted Probiotics

This is a great video by Kurt Woeller about the several kinds of probiotics.  While we all know that probiotics are good for you, I didn’t quite absorb which ones target what kinds of conditions.

Kurt references the following:

  • Culturelle used for Clostridia
  • VSl3 breaks down Oxalates
  • Threelac attacks yeast
  • Saccharomyces boulardii (yeast)  attacks candida (yeast) and clostridia.
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It’s not autoimmune, it’s viruses

This is a two hour video, but well worth watching.  Dr. Trent argues that the government has used viruses as biological weapons.  Many of these viruses and methods have found their way into the vaccinated, and now they are manifesting as autoimmune conditions.  We can all have theories like this but he backs it up with a narrative that is quite convincing, and he names names.




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Chronic Fatigue and Exercise Intolerance

Sleeping when studying - Nakhon Sawan, Thailand

Sleeping when studying – Nakhon Sawan, Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Exercise Intolerance is exactly the thing that people blame themselves (and others for).  Stop being lazy, push yourself harder, nauseous?  here have a half a stick of gum, now don’t give up!

Maybe all these things are valid at one level to get one out of a rut, or complacency, but when you have chronic fatigue these behaviors maybe fairly dangerous.  One young man who pushed himself despite his Exercise Intolerance, died from his efforts.

The Test

Using the same stress tests as used by doctors and sports professionals 8 minutes on an exercise bike, add in a mask to test for oxygen levels, the system tests several systems, cardiac, pulmonary, and metabolic.  Normal people after having this type of stress should recover and have the same performance the next day.   CFS people do not. If you have CFS you know that it takes several days to recover.

The test can give you your “anaerobic threshhold”.  This is the activity level where CFS patients now lose strenth and stamina in a way that is difficult to recover from.  Less than your threshhold you can still “bounce back” from your activities.  That threshold can be referred by heart rate, so theoretically you can exercise as long as you remain below that threshhold.


Unfortunately some people meet this threshhold while taking a shower, or other daily activities.  Luckily Social Security has been accepting the results from this test as an independent marker of disability.

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