Dietary Supplements May Prevent Cognitive Decline

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Say What?

I thought nutrition was for suckers.  Supplements were expensive urine?

Supplements or Food

Is Medscape actually disagreeing?    A study was published online May 20  2016 in Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis is entitled “A multi‐ingredient dietary supplement abolishes large‐scale brain cell loss, improves sensory function, and prevents neuronal atrophy in aging mice”

The  multi‐ingredient dietary supplements (MDS) were combined to address 5 mechanism of aging. Well it didn’t actually go and tell us what those mechanism were, and the article is behind a paywall, registering does not give you access.  It appears many titles and abstracts are using terms like MDS to avoid actually spelling out what were the components in question.

But a little bird told me the supplements are

  1. Minerals
  2. Beta Carotene
  3. Bioflavinoids
  4. Cod Liver Oil
  5. Flax Seed
  6. Garlic
  7. Green Tea extract

But how much to take. One could take all of these as supplements, Garlic Pills, Cod Liver Softgels etc.  But you could also just prioritize these supplements as part of your diet.

Minerals Minerals

Our primary source of minerals are vegetables.  That’s their job, pull the minerals from the earth into something we can eat.  Cook your vegetables from scratch, drink the broth from soups etc.

Beta Carotene

Sounds like carrots?  I mean carrots are a superfood. A carrot a day keeps cognitive decline away.


Bell Peppers, Strawberries, Citrus Fruits.  These are examples of good sources.  I know I used to eat bell peppers and cut out the white parts along with the seeds.  now I’m thinking really each as much of the plant as you can.

Cold Liver Oil

Well I’m not going to the store to buy Cod, or Cod liver.  So it’s supplements for me and I do prefer softgels over spoons.

Flax Seeds

Although flax seeds are often added to breads and other products, I have heard it is better to soak overnight and take a swig in the mornings.  Whole food and all that.


My cousin puts garlic in every meal and that still didn’t help her cholesterol.  So she took some garlic supplements and that brought down her numbers.  Nonetheless this is something I can do daily, eat a clove a day.  I prefer it carmelized, because I’m a baby

Green Tea

Can take the extract in pill form, presumably it is a concentrated source.  But again I think I prefer to drink tea daily.  Though on second thought I always need massive amounts of anything for it to make a difference.

All Together Now

I believe that each of these items has multifaceted effects.  So taking them for one purpose probably also helps in other respects.  And I don’t believe you have to take them all together at the same time.

If you are not already using these supplements, I would recommend incorporating one item into your daily routine and once that is painless add another.  Good luck.





Benfotiamine for Neuropathy

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Well my neuropathy WAS killing me.  I hadn’t realized that I had run out of Benfotiamine for several weeks.  So just as I was thinking maybe I now need to put my will together, I found a box of deliveries where I found the bottle.  Last night I took two of these pills as opposed to 1, and this morning the pain on the tops and bottoms of my feet are gone.

There is still numbness, and I’m not sure whether that is permanent damage.  I’m still taking all the other things for neuropathy, because I’m getting the feeling I need all of them to continue functioning.


Higher Doses

Althought I haven’t looked to find out if higher doses can cause any problems (what do doctors say:  You just pee out all the B vitamins?),  I decided to lookup whether higher doses were better. I have a system where I always need extreme doses to notice anything so I saw the article “Effectiveness of different benfotiamine dosage regimens in the treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy.”  When testing the following usages of Benfotiamine

  1. Vitamin B combo of which Benfo was 320mg/day
  2. Vitamin B combo of which Benfo was160mg/day
  3. Straight Benfo of 150mg/day

Noting that significant improvements in symptoms occurred 3 weeks into a 6 week study, the authors noted that the higher dose had a larger effect.  They concluded that whether it’s Benfotaimine alone or in combination with other B vitamins it is effective.

I already take activated forms of a B Complex, so I think I’ll be upping my dose of Benfo to see how it plays out.

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Avoiding Eye Lift Plastic Surgery

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I’m getting old, my eyelids are starting to droop and one side more than another.  This is known as Ptosis.  Of the several types listed in this article, I believe I have the mechanical type.  I naturally also have a lot of outer eye flesh so when that starts to droop I think there is a bigger impact.

Corrected droop

So of course I was looking up different plastic surgery options to address it.  I think insurance often covers this type of procedure if it is affecting your vision.  But then I remembered someone had used Grapefruit essential oil to reduce fat on her abdomen.  (I tried that and it didn’t work for me).  But then an abdomen is a large surface area and above the eye is very small.

Not only was one eye droopier than the other both were drooping such that the natural fold/crease above the eye was no longer visible.   Feeling a bit mongoloidy, I thought why not try it?

One why not is because essential oils should not get into the eyes and no one will tell you to apply them to the eye.  So I did apply a little bit of oil onto the fatty/fleshy part of the eyelid, and over a period of two short weeks, my crease is now visible.  I’m hoping over time the flesh will disappear slowly.

Not sure this is a long term solution, but I’m happy not to go down the surgery direction just yet.

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Wheatgrass Helps With Liver Damage

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My neuropathy is killing me, just getting worse over time. Yes I do have blood sugar issues but they are not that high, I think.  The neuropathy started out as tingling, then pain then numbness. Occassionally I can feel it in my hands and it has started to move up my leg.

Many times I have taken a particular wheatgrass juice powder and overnight my neuropathy is much improved.   Doesn’t quite go away, but I no longer think about making out my will etc.

I’ve tried other Wheatgrass Juice powders and they don’t have the same effect for some reason.  Well I recently came across a Pubmed article “Hepatoprotective Role of Wheatgrass on Alcohol and ΔPUFA-Induced Oxidative Stress in Rats” whose conclusion is “we conclude that wheatgrass protects the liver against alcohol and ΔPUFA induced oxidative stress”.  I don’t know if that is the mechanism working for me, but I’ll take it nonetheless.  My theory is that as the liver improves and is able to do its job many other things will improve as well!

The product I’m using is Dr. Berg’s WheatGrass Juice Powder.


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Intensively Lowering Glucose Causes More Deaths

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Diabetes Interventions

UPDATE: 7/18/18. Word from my doctor is that the drugs that were assigned and maybe caused problems were of the type “Sulfonylureas” as mentioned in this article also from the New England Journal of Medicine.


In a study entitled Effects of Intensive Glucose Lowering in Type 2 Diabetes,  they note that after applying intensive measures to reduce blood sugars, there was found to be more death than those that lowered it a standard manner.

As a result they actually shutdown the ACCORD study several months early.  In one year the efforts in the standard and intensive group reached targets of 7.1 and 6.4 A1C.  However upon follow up it was found that those in the intensive group had higher mortality and no reduction in cardiovascular events.

Well this has me concerned, because the mechanism at play has not been determined.  The study did not differentiate between which A1C lowering intervention needed more investigation.  So now I am leery of taking additional medication to reach a target.  Rather since I do have diabetes symptoms, some people don’t, I would rather use my symptoms as a guide.

I already do not eat a high/bad carb diet, and I’ve recently found a way to exercise almost every day.  I’ll keep looking for ways to improve my health, and will continue to take medication for now.  But I’m looking forward to a response from my doctor on this!

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Macadamia and Omega 7 Fatty Acids

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So I was listening to Dr. Lindsey Berkson she has so many gems on her podcast, that I thought I would start at least writing them down.  For this one she was mentioning that Macadamia nuts are a source of Omega 7 fatty acids.  Well I haven’t heard of that before.  What is it?

Like Omega 6 acids are where a large fatty acid molecule has its first double bond at position 6, in this case the first bond is in position 10.  It’s also monounsaturated, like Olive Oil and helps reduce inflammation.

Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids

Common versions of this type of fatty sacid are palmitoleic acid and vaccenic acid.  In a pilot study, palmitoleic acid has been known to reduce inflammation for people with Ulcerative Colitis in 8 weeks by regulating certain genes. In another study it can help reduce excessive triglycerdies and other lipids,  and may even have local hormonal effect as a lipokine.   Finally a small amount can have a large effect on factors of Metabolic Syndrome.

  1. It reduces insulin resistance
  2. suppress fat production and accumulation
  3. normalizes lipids
  4. fights obesity
  5. suppresses inflammation

Which means it can keep you off the trajectory towards cancer, diabetes, liver failure, heart disease,  etc.

Makes me want to rush out and get some Macdamia Nuts or Sea Buckthorn. I have read that these two food sources, the oils of these foods may have a lot of palmitic acid which counters these benefits.  So in summary I thinkt taking the whole food as a nut or berry might be the safest way to approach this.


Chris Wark Square One Day 2 — Causes of Cancer

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Hi there,

I took some notes on this excellent video series that I purchased. You should definitely watch the videos, they are presented well and he provides references.

He noted that the rates of cancer exploded after industrialization and implied that we have to reduce toxicity. This toxicity can come in forms such as

  1. Diet and Life Style
  2. Environment
  3. Stress

I am acutely aware of all these categories.  In a way the first two could be rolled into the last one.:  Stress.

Carrying onhe also breaks down diseased to two types:

  1. Infectious Diseases
  2. Chronic Diseases

Infectious Diseases

These used to cause a lot of suffering but with increases in sanitation and hygiene this have been reduced and now only 5% of deaths happen because of these.

Chronic Diseases

According to Chris 18-20% of cancers are linked to infections.  If your immune system is depressed than viruses that would otherwise cause problems can flare.

  • Of these viruses the Bovine Leukemia virus is found in milk and meat.  37% of breast cancer may be attributed to this virus.
  • H Pylori bacteria can contribute to stomach cancer because it converts nitrites into cancer causing compounds in the gut.

Global Cancer Incidences

There are some linkages between diet and cancer.  One data point is that in Japan many cancers were lower and they ate less than 5% of their diet as meat. In addition some African nations have lower cancer rates as show in this map.

Global Cancer Rates 2012

Diet and Lifestyle

Chris believes that higher fiber and starchy vegetables help to detox.  Starch absorbs toxins and uses bile to help it leave the body.  If they don’t leave they can get reabsorbed and become precancerous.   Items such as beans, peas, lentils, corn, rice, potatoes, millet, spelt, teff, wheat carrots, beets, turnips, cabbage, collard greens, mustard greens, sweet potatoes will help you detox during digestion.

In addition their diet saves meat for special occasions, doesn’t use a lot of salt or oils.  Especially if they are 90% GMO like corn, soy and canola. So you know I’m avoiding those.

Obesity is the 2nd leading cause of cancer it weakens your body as fat produces extra hormones.  We already know about cigarettes and lung cancer, but once the toxins get into your blood stream they can poison the lung colon, or anywhere the blood takes it.



Speaking of GMO non-GMO crops are sprayed with Glyphosate just before harvesting, these are

  • Wheat
  • Millet
  • Flax
  • Rye
  • Buckwheat
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Bean
  • Peas
  • Lentils
  • Corn
  • Potatoes

So what’s wrong with Glyphosate? It disrupts the immune system.  It is absorbed by the plant itself and then the molecule is eaten by you.

So eat grains but not Glyphosate Grains. This means organic grains.


Ok let me be short, avoid drugs alcohol, prescriptions drugs such as birth control pills, hormones and blood pressure pills.  Easier said than done, but these pills don’t necessarily solve your problem they bring temporary relief giving us time to find other options.  For example my mom who is almost 80 has high blood pressure and is on 2 medications and they were not working well.  Now we have decided to use a fermented beet product and she has dropped 30 points.  If this continues rather than starting a 3rd medication she maybe be able to move down to 1.

Many drugs inhibit melatonin production.  Light pollution such as when using screens can also disrupt melatonin rhythms



Water has used chlorine and other chemicals to get rid of bacteria and infectious diseases, this is great!  But the chlorine it is not necessary to ingest or absorb the chlorine so getting whole house or sink/shower filters may be a good idea.  These filter don’t usually get rid of fluoride which is added to water under questionable circumstances.  I use a Berkey water filter which comes with a carbon attachment and an extra fluoride attachment.  I’m now thinking of using a Propur filter as a replacement, it might work better and it is easier to change one filter rather than two.


Ok we know pollution is bad, but since the industrial revolution we have also invented thousands of chemicals most of which are untested.  Air pollution is huge source of pollution, and you can’t get away from it by moving away because it dissipates generally.  If you move to the country you will encounter fertilizers and antifungals (and glyphosate?).  Even groundwater could be polluted.  I’m thinking of getting an IQ room air filter.  But you can avoid polluting your indoor environment by taking your shoes off at the entrance.

Also using non toxic cleaning products, air fresheners and body care products can go a long way in alleviating a toxic burden.  I’m using products made with essential oils as a first stop. Phthalates and parabens found in unregulated cosmetics  are cancer causing.  One can go to to see if they home care product has been tested .

Bottom line is if the body is busy detoxing and not succeeding it doesn’t have the energy to kill Cancer.

Ok whew!  Addressing stress will come in a separate post.

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