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Essential Oils for Lyme Disease

July 21, 2012 Leave a comment

I was on a local health group and someone had asked about alternative methods to control Lyme Disease. I had remembered listening to a woman who had Lyme for 15 years before she was treated. She had a specific protocol that she had used. So I sent this post off to certain members who showed interest:

“There are some recommendations/testimonials from people about how essential oils helped them and am responding to the request for alternative treatments. I didn’t want to post on the list because I consider it public, but will send this particular one which is the strongest. Because each person is different, please start low and slow,and after assessing that the healing reactions are acceptable one could accelerate usage. In addition you may find that after some time you may able to take more of a break between treatments.

This is from a woman who had lyme disease for 15 years before she started treatment and she used a multistep approach:
Raindrop Technique- this is a body technique where several essential oils are applied to the spine in a particular order using specific oils and massage techniques The person in question had done this once/week for 9 months. Within the 1st month her LLMD took her off of several supplements. Initially when you get the Raindrop you may feel better for a few days and then begin to taper off. As you continue you should see that the positive effects last longer. If the detoxification is happening you will need to drink LOTS of water.
Ningxia Red- This is a whole highly concentrated drink with a high ORAC score that provides bioavailable antioxidants. 1/oz per day. This is a general tonic.
Lyme Capsules. You can take empty vegetable capsules from the health food store and put the following EO drops into them and swallow. Every 4 hours for first 3 days. Every 8 hours for the rest of the 4 days for a week. Repeat this if you feel symptoms return and continue for 3 months (may be related to replicated cycle of particular spirochettes). Drink LOTS of water.
2 drops Frankincense
12 drops Thieves
6 drop Oregano
She also did a master cleanse afterwards

I have personally used the lyme capsules and can say I did not have any untoward effects. I have also used the Raindrop Technique on several people and they felt better, but they did not have Lyme. The oils used are Young Living brand which I trust internally. I wouldn’t use oils from the healthfood store unless they were labeled for internal use.

If you were getting a raindrop, the person giving it to you should have the oils, but if you wanted to try the capsule you would have to purchase the oils from someone. I became a distributor for my own use because of massive health problems that have not yet been diagnosed as lyme related.”

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