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Sleep and Fibromyalgia

April 15, 2012 Leave a comment


A great set of videos from the National Fibromyalgia (FMS) and Chronic Pain Association.  They show how people with FMS have the sleep patterns of a very old person.  Interesting things found in the study include how FMS was induced into healthy college students my interrupting their deep sleep and mirroring “alpha intrustion”.  When alpha waves, found when awake, interrupt deep sleep.

Also shows the results of using  Sodium Oxybate improves sleep and (resulting?) pain from FMS, as monitored through the use of QEEG.  Sodium Oxybate (SXB) aka GHB, which is a metabolite of GABA.  It is approved for narcolepsy.   Has been shown using the gold standard of studies to show a statistically significant difference with placebo in the first week!  Also known as Xyrem.  GHB is illegal in many countries so it may be useful to take GABA, it’s precursor instead.  In the US it is legal for narcolepsy.

Watch the videos, which also compare to Benzodiazepines and Antihistamines.  The former are good for short term treatment but in the longer term actually interfere with deep sleep!

Also covers betablockers which may impair melatonin production.  SNRIs may help with pain, but sometimes worsen insomnia.  Energy drinks are a no-no.

In terms of obustructive sleep insomnia.

So you may consider buying a Zeo, which is a band that rests on your head while you sleep and sends a signal to a smart phone to track your sleep.  If you find interesting information there, you might consider getting a sleep study.

this snip from the presentation shows how if your airway is obstructed what happens to your body that then awakens you through sympathetic arousal and increased cortisol.    This could explain why I wake up in the middle of the night cursing because I forgot to do something.

The videos also cover:

  •  restless leg, which could be caused by an iron deficiency
  •  narcolepsy (caused by post-strep autoimmunity, that destroys the hypocretin/orexin cells of the hypothalamus. (Would hypothalamus glandulars help?).  Diagnosed by a daytime sleep study.

Check them out!

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