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Macadamia and Omega 7 Fatty Acids

June 21, 2018 Leave a comment

So I was listening to Dr. Lindsey Berkson she has so many gems on her podcast, that I thought I would start at least writing them down.  For this one she was mentioning that Macadamia nuts are a source of Omega 7 fatty acids.  Well I haven’t heard of that before.  What is it?

Like Omega 6 acids are where a large fatty acid molecule has its first double bond at position 6, in this case the first bond is in position 10.  It’s also monounsaturated, like Olive Oil and helps reduce inflammation.

Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids

Common versions of this type of fatty sacid are palmitoleic acid and vaccenic acid.  In a pilot study, palmitoleic acid has been known to reduce inflammation for people with Ulcerative Colitis in 8 weeks by regulating certain genes. In another study it can help reduce excessive triglycerdies and other lipids,  and may even have local hormonal effect as a lipokine.   Finally a small amount can have a large effect on factors of Metabolic Syndrome.

  1. It reduces insulin resistance
  2. suppress fat production and accumulation
  3. normalizes lipids
  4. fights obesity
  5. suppresses inflammation

Which means it can keep you off the trajectory towards cancer, diabetes, liver failure, heart disease,  etc.

Makes me want to rush out and get some Macdamia Nuts or Sea Buckthorn. I have read that these two food sources, the oils of these foods may have a lot of palmitic acid which counters these benefits.  So in summary I thinkt taking the whole food as a nut or berry might be the safest way to approach this.



Chris Wark Square One Day 2 — Causes of Cancer

June 16, 2018 Leave a comment

Hi there,

I took some notes on this excellent video series that I purchased. You should definitely watch the videos, they are presented well and he provides references.

He noted that the rates of cancer exploded after industrialization and implied that we have to reduce toxicity. This toxicity can come in forms such as

  1. Diet and Life Style
  2. Environment
  3. Stress

I am acutely aware of all these categories.  In a way the first two could be rolled into the last one.:  Stress.

Carrying onhe also breaks down diseased to two types:

  1. Infectious Diseases
  2. Chronic Diseases

Infectious Diseases

These used to cause a lot of suffering but with increases in sanitation and hygiene this have been reduced and now only 5% of deaths happen because of these.

Chronic Diseases

According to Chris 18-20% of cancers are linked to infections.  If your immune system is depressed than viruses that would otherwise cause problems can flare.

  • Of these viruses the Bovine Leukemia virus is found in milk and meat.  37% of breast cancer may be attributed to this virus.
  • H Pylori bacteria can contribute to stomach cancer because it converts nitrites into cancer causing compounds in the gut.

Global Cancer Incidences

There are some linkages between diet and cancer.  One data point is that in Japan many cancers were lower and they ate less than 5% of their diet as meat. In addition some African nations have lower cancer rates as show in this map.

Global Cancer Rates 2012

Diet and Lifestyle

Chris believes that higher fiber and starchy vegetables help to detox.  Starch absorbs toxins and uses bile to help it leave the body.  If they don’t leave they can get reabsorbed and become precancerous.   Items such as beans, peas, lentils, corn, rice, potatoes, millet, spelt, teff, wheat carrots, beets, turnips, cabbage, collard greens, mustard greens, sweet potatoes will help you detox during digestion.

In addition their diet saves meat for special occasions, doesn’t use a lot of salt or oils.  Especially if they are 90% GMO like corn, soy and canola. So you know I’m avoiding those.

Obesity is the 2nd leading cause of cancer it weakens your body as fat produces extra hormones.  We already know about cigarettes and lung cancer, but once the toxins get into your blood stream they can poison the lung colon, or anywhere the blood takes it.



Speaking of GMO non-GMO crops are sprayed with Glyphosate just before harvesting, these are

  • Wheat
  • Millet
  • Flax
  • Rye
  • Buckwheat
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Bean
  • Peas
  • Lentils
  • Corn
  • Potatoes

So what’s wrong with Glyphosate? It disrupts the immune system.  It is absorbed by the plant itself and then the molecule is eaten by you.

So eat grains but not Glyphosate Grains. This means organic grains.


Ok let me be short, avoid drugs alcohol, prescriptions drugs such as birth control pills, hormones and blood pressure pills.  Easier said than done, but these pills don’t necessarily solve your problem they bring temporary relief giving us time to find other options.  For example my mom who is almost 80 has high blood pressure and is on 2 medications and they were not working well.  Now we have decided to use a fermented beet product and she has dropped 30 points.  If this continues rather than starting a 3rd medication she maybe be able to move down to 1.

Many drugs inhibit melatonin production.  Light pollution such as when using screens can also disrupt melatonin rhythms



Water has used chlorine and other chemicals to get rid of bacteria and infectious diseases, this is great!  But the chlorine it is not necessary to ingest or absorb the chlorine so getting whole house or sink/shower filters may be a good idea.  These filter don’t usually get rid of fluoride which is added to water under questionable circumstances.  I use a Berkey water filter which comes with a carbon attachment and an extra fluoride attachment.  I’m now thinking of using a Propur filter as a replacement, it might work better and it is easier to change one filter rather than two.


Ok we know pollution is bad, but since the industrial revolution we have also invented thousands of chemicals most of which are untested.  Air pollution is huge source of pollution, and you can’t get away from it by moving away because it dissipates generally.  If you move to the country you will encounter fertilizers and antifungals (and glyphosate?).  Even groundwater could be polluted.  I’m thinking of getting an IQ room air filter.  But you can avoid polluting your indoor environment by taking your shoes off at the entrance.

Also using non toxic cleaning products, air fresheners and body care products can go a long way in alleviating a toxic burden.  I’m using products made with essential oils as a first stop. Phthalates and parabens found in unregulated cosmetics  are cancer causing.  One can go to to see if they home care product has been tested .

Bottom line is if the body is busy detoxing and not succeeding it doesn’t have the energy to kill Cancer.

Ok whew!  Addressing stress will come in a separate post.

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Why I’ve been away

Well, I had been spending every spare moment with my sister who has now died of breast cancer. I know she really wanted to go, and I can truly feel that she is better off than what she was experiencing here.

I did see her husband become a researcher, caretaker, nurse while continuing to be a provider. He did this with patience, humor and kindness. I saw her son become tender and attentive as they decided to keep her at home rather than at a facility with questionable warmth. Her daughter who became a med student and then postponed it to be with her.

Beautiful family for a beautiful person.

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My thoughts on Square One Cancer Coaching Program

October 26, 2017 Leave a comment

I’m sure all of you have been watching one giant megaseries on a topic or another.  Typically you get one or more free episodes per day, and then at the end you get a mega weekend to catch up on the episodes you have missed.

Now most people don’t have time for all the episodes or they can’t absorb what’s being put out there.  So the solution is to buy the package and watch at your leisure. And you get a discount if you buy early. This is a coaching program so you do get the opportunity to ask questions.  Typically you also get transcripts, and that can make all the difference in the world!

If this is something that is afflicting you or a loved one, you are likely to buy the course.  But if you are being proactive you might buy it with good intentions like the books you used to buy, and maybe now all the youtube videos you mean to watch, and not get back to it.  To be fair youtube is an associative rabbit hole, meaning you can see this interesting video and that interesting video, and before you know it you believe in Aliens.


Well I did buy the Square One course, and I do have several people who have cancer. So I need to pay attention.  So my thoughts are to cull out the salient points for my own reference.  Look there is so much more to Square One offering than the bullet points I’m going to address in subsequent posts.  It’s not just about the diet and supplements, but I need to create an action plan.  So my thoughts of what I learn from the course will be here.  But I do urge you that if you know anyone who has cancer or any major illness really, to also get the course.

I think I’ll have a better opinion when I give each episode the attention they deserve.  Again it is a positive program, and easy on the eyes.  See you in the next post!


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Cancer is declining, so get your vaccinations?

January 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Overall lung, colon, breast, prostate are going down.  The CDC reports death rates for all cancers have been declining.   So get your vaccinations?

Causes of cancer can be inborn genetics, epigenetics as from smoking or environmental exposure like chemicals (are vaccines chemicals?)

Some of the reduction in cancers  may be as a result of prescreening. For example in Colon Cancer you can screen with a sigmoid scope, a colonscope or regular frequent stool testing.  Once you have reached a certain age you are automatically screened for cancers.  If you have diabetes and cannot afford to go off your meds, then the scoping may be replaced by regular frequent stool testing. 


On the other hand HPV is said to be increasing. From what to what?  Here’s a figure from the CDC about mortality from HPV, that is declining.

Cervical Cancer Deaths alling

Cervical Cancer Deaths over time

The current plan is to vaccinate against HPV. All prepubescent girls are hounded to get vaccinated and now the emphasis has moved to boys as well.  Preventing cancer is always good, and recently it appears that HPV causes more than cervical cancer.  It can also affect Vulva, Penis, Mouth and Throat Cancers.  7500 men out 150,000,000 get the cancer.  It’s not clear how many men die of that cancer, but just the number that have it, is exceedingly small .005%.

When asked about causes, it is  always “you get the virus from other people who have the virus”.  Well….how did they get the virus?

Whether you are for or against vaccines, you must admit that there is an assumption that your immune and detox systems can eliminate the vaccines and it’s adjuvants and chemicals to confer benefit.  If your system cann,t there may be other consequences…like Cancer.  But that is another discussion.  The cons against HPV vaccinations are

    • it prevents a type of cancer that is very rare to begin with, especially for boys ( though they can pass it onto girls).
    •  it prevents a type of cancer that can be easily caught and treated by promoting regular gynecological exams.  4000 out 150,000,000 women died of cervical cancer in 2009, that is .0026%.  This rate is attributed to the use of Pap Smears not vaccinations.
    • Safe Sex practices is a common sense method to avoid HPV
    • it is promoted to girls years before becoming sexually active, however because the vaccine is new it is not clear when individuals should revaccinated. Some say that the vaccines only confers benefits for 5-8 years.  So you are running out of protection just as you really ramp up your sexual life?   HPV is not alone  in being found to lose its effectiveness and need boosters.  Chicken Pox anyone?
    • it prevents 2 strains (strain 16 and 18) out of more than 100 strains of HPV (Strains 6 and 11 cause genital warts ).  16 and 18 are the ones that cause most cancers (70%), however infections do not automatically become cancersMost infections go away on their own in 1-2 years

      Snijders PJ, Steenbergen RD, Heideman DA, Meijer CJ (2006). “HPV-mediated cervical carcinogenesis: Concepts and clinical implications”. J. Pathol. 208 (2): 152–64. doi:10.1002/path.1866. PMID 16362994. “cervical cancer is a rare complication of an HPV infection since most such infections are transient, not even giving rise to cervical lesions.”

    • So far it has NOT been proven safe over the long haul….because there hasn’t been a long haul yet
    • Interestingly Harold Varmus director of the National Cancer Institute made a freudian slip when he said that HPV vaccinations “sterilize both boys and girls“.  He corrected himself for the record.
    • Then look at this article about it’s effectiveness.

Other Cancer Points

Generally different cancers have different approaches to treatment.   For instance in Leukemia in adults  a single change in a particular gene was found to be the cause.  When a drug targets the genes to turn it off the symptoms stop.  Even so some are becoming resistant to this drug.  So it’s another race (like antibiotics), to create new drugs as they become ineffective.

Other methods we are familiar with: chemo, radiation and surgery.  But even these are improving, the side effects of traditional methods are bone marrow suppression, pain, nausea/vomiting, and these seem to be improving.  Advances have let some people  function and work even while having cancer compared to traditional treatments.

Other methods for cancer treatment involve leveraging  the natural accelerators and brakes within your immune system.  These are being tested in leukemia and melanoma for example.  These treatments don’t work on all cancers and so far work short term… but Science marches on.

Cancer Avoidance

You already know, right?  Eat Right and Exercise?   But more specifically you should look for the inflammation marker CRP to start.  Inflammation is tied to cancer.  Also please don’t feed the cancer.  What does cancer like for lunch?  Sugar.  Your body can make its own sugar when needed so there’s really no need to take it.    Then again moderation is really important; you can have some dessert here and there.  But you must train your body not to expect it.

Vegetables.  Another option that Drs say have been studied, but hasn’t been proven is the use of veggies/juicing (and coffee enemas) to detox such as the Gerson protocol.  And so far Green Tea has not been shown to help with cancers.  This is based on mixed results. 

Avoid Super Foods.  Watson of  the DNA Duo Watson and Crick is saying that too many antioxidants are not good for you either.  They may cause cancer!  So free radicals may be needed to fend of cancer.  Interesting!

Take a Break.   Other studies find that intermittent dosing of cancer drugs may be more powerful than continuous treatment.

Baby Aspirin.  Baby aspirin is not just good for your heart.  There is a 30% reduction in cancer deaths  in the middle aged for lung, espophagus, stomach cancers.   If Aspirin doesn’t agree with you can try Wintergreen Essential Oil instead!

So it appears screening works, but it’s not clear why with few cases of cervical cancer, declining numbers of deaths, and other options, that vaccination is necessary.

Healing with Emotion

December 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Gregg Braden is a scientist turned woowoo, but he backs up his woo woo with Science.  I love to listen to him and Bruce Lipton.  I had seen the 3 minute version before, but Gregg explains a bit more of how it works too.

What this amazing video of a sonogram of a woman being treated for bladder cancer.  You can see the tumor shrink away!

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