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Rosemary for help with Alzheimers

Wow, wow, wow!

In summary: Early trials indicate that aromatherapy and meditation may be helpful to Alzheimer’s patients, as they have been shown to improve blood supply and enhance cognitive skills.

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Methylation yes? Yes!

Methylation is complicated, it is involved in so many processes of your body,  and can impact the following:


But what IS it exactly?  Methylation is the movement of a chemical compound called a “Methyl Group” that moves from one molecule to another. This movement allows the molecule to temporarily change shape and perform required biochemical functions.   When there are not enough methyl groups present, or the cofactors needed to continue the process is not availabe (like an enzyme).  These processes can slow down. 

One of the most studied genes involved in methylation is the MTHFR gene.  You can find more information about testing for the gene, increasing methyl groups, health impacts at

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