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“Roundup ™ is an antibiotic”

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Yeah, but you wouldn’t use it to help you heal.

But first definitions.  GE, GMO, Hybrid?  When it comes to seeds what’s what? Luckily Better Hens and Gardens has an article about this.  Bottom line is that GE (genetically engineered) seeds are where technology mates species to produce seeds that would never be found together in nature.  GMO, includes GE, but also includes hybrid seeds.

I was listening to Your Own Health and Fitness, and this weeks show is on GMO.  They interviewed Jeffrey Smith who founded The Institute for Responsible Technology, and has a new film Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives.  I’d love to see this one!

The title of the blog post is a quote from him.   He makes some pretty bold statements, there is no GMO free soy.  The BT toxin (found in milk products….and cotton?) not only destroys the cells of bad guys (bacteria), but it also destroys our cells, especially the gut lining.  In fact it can be found in upwards 90% of pregnant women in Canada.  What is concerning is that  while they should be washed out of the body they are still showing up.  Hypothesis range from the BT toxin being continuously ingested to the toxin being integrated into the biome of the human and continuously producing the toxin.  Anecdotes show that going on a GMO-free diet improves allergies, autism, SIDS etc.

To avoid GMO you can

  1. Buy Organic or products labeled non GMO (NonGMO product-verified)
  2. http://nonGMOshopping
  3. iPhone app– ShopNoGMO
  4. Avoid the worst offenders
    1. Soy
    2. Corn
    3. Sugar from sugar beets
    4. Papaya (Hawaiian and Chinese)
    5. Canola and Cottonseed oils
    6. Zucchini, crookneck squash
    7. Any animal products that were fed GMO feed, the following would be ok:
      1. Certified Organic
      2. Grassfed (no alfalfa)
      3. Wildcaught

Whole foods 365 has committed to remove GMO products though the transformation is not complete.

You know when you can go to Target and buy a gallon of milk for a few bucks?  You will pay for those “savings” in ill health later.
Just sayin

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Mast Cell problems

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Mast cells are one type of cell that works as part of the immune system.  Mast Cells degranulate or open up and spill their granules.  These I think then are instrumental in raising histamine and otherwise responding to infections.  Bottom line is greater inflammation.  One way to reduce inflammation is through the use of Luteolin .  It has been shown to reduce inflammation and be neuroprotective.

So of course how do you get Luteolin.  “Luteolin is most often found in leaves, but it is also seen in celery, thyme, dandelion, rinds, barks, clover blossom, and ragweed pollen”.  Interesting that ragweed pollen is exactly the thing that often sends one into an allergic reaction some through mast cells .  I love to juice celery, but not sure what the ratio to product would be in a juice.  Probably the most  concentrated way of getting Luteolin would be through Thyme essential oil.  Wikipedia also says that “Dietary sources include celery, green pepper, thyme, perilla, chamomiletea, carrots, olive oil, peppermint, rosemary, navel oranges, and oregano“.

Now thyme, rosemary, peppermint and oregano are some of the oils that are used in the raindrop technique along the spine.  The others also underlined are also available through Young Living.   Although I give raindrop to people, this makes me think I need to get one myself!

Essential Oils for Lyme Disease

July 21, 2012 Leave a comment

I was on a local health group and someone had asked about alternative methods to control Lyme Disease. I had remembered listening to a woman who had Lyme for 15 years before she was treated. She had a specific protocol that she had used. So I sent this post off to certain members who showed interest:

“There are some recommendations/testimonials from people about how essential oils helped them and am responding to the request for alternative treatments. I didn’t want to post on the list because I consider it public, but will send this particular one which is the strongest. Because each person is different, please start low and slow,and after assessing that the healing reactions are acceptable one could accelerate usage. In addition you may find that after some time you may able to take more of a break between treatments.

This is from a woman who had lyme disease for 15 years before she started treatment and she used a multistep approach:
Raindrop Technique- this is a body technique where several essential oils are applied to the spine in a particular order using specific oils and massage techniques The person in question had done this once/week for 9 months. Within the 1st month her LLMD took her off of several supplements. Initially when you get the Raindrop you may feel better for a few days and then begin to taper off. As you continue you should see that the positive effects last longer. If the detoxification is happening you will need to drink LOTS of water.
Ningxia Red- This is a whole highly concentrated drink with a high ORAC score that provides bioavailable antioxidants. 1/oz per day. This is a general tonic.
Lyme Capsules. You can take empty vegetable capsules from the health food store and put the following EO drops into them and swallow. Every 4 hours for first 3 days. Every 8 hours for the rest of the 4 days for a week. Repeat this if you feel symptoms return and continue for 3 months (may be related to replicated cycle of particular spirochettes). Drink LOTS of water.
2 drops Frankincense
12 drops Thieves
6 drop Oregano
She also did a master cleanse afterwards

I have personally used the lyme capsules and can say I did not have any untoward effects. I have also used the Raindrop Technique on several people and they felt better, but they did not have Lyme. The oils used are Young Living brand which I trust internally. I wouldn’t use oils from the healthfood store unless they were labeled for internal use.

If you were getting a raindrop, the person giving it to you should have the oils, but if you wanted to try the capsule you would have to purchase the oils from someone. I became a distributor for my own use because of massive health problems that have not yet been diagnosed as lyme related.”

Greens glorious greens!

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We should all probably have more greens in our diets. It seems it’s more and more difficult to get them from salads so people are switching to smoothies.

How DOES one eat greens?

1) Sauted with saturated fats…yum! The traditional way, use tallow instead of lard, but add garlic and cook until wilted. The fats help digest the ADEK found in the greens.

2) Salads. Take all kinds of light greens, and mix with frankly anything. Some people hate cilantro in their salads or anywhere really. There might be a known reason for this. Cilantro is a chelator and it may move metals around your body and make things uncomfortable.

3) Smoothies. I love to go to Robek’s and get a shot of wheatgrass, which should be drunk fresh. They grow it in little crates and then juice just before serving. So i tried to to grow my own wheatgrass and tried to put it in my Champion Juicer. Epic Fail. Just today I purchased an attachment so that I could do this in the future. That and I have rainbow chard sitting in my fridge right now. You could also juice fruits and add spirulina though I’m not sure how bioavailable that is.

4) Wheatgrass. another option for wheatgrass is to buy it in large packs fresh frozen. You can use the little packets as needed. This won’t be good if you lose power like the recent Derecho caused. The only issue is that it takes time for the wheatgrass to melt sufficiently to drink it. OTOH it is grown in the ground and not little crates where the possiblity of fungus is more likely.

How else do you use greens?

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