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Peppermint for diabetic sores…Way!

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment

So this past weekend I was visiting my folks and my dad showed me how part of hi big toe and heel had sores that were deep into his feet.  He figured that eventually his foot would have to be amputated.    After applying the peppermint for the edema he realized it was helping him heal the sores too.  I saw the one on his big toe and there was nice new skin completely sealing off the sore.

Pretty awesome!


Probiotics Schmobiotics

February 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Ok this is a post based not on science…just intuition. 

You may think I’m antiprobiotic, which of course couldn’t be farther than from the truth.  What I AM questioning is the probiotics you get in a plastic container shipped and processed from who knows where, and mixed with sugary stuff.

I’m pro-probiotic, but is should probably be the biotics that are local to you.  I recommend when going to a foreign land that the FIRST thing you do is eat/drink some locally fermented products.   That way you are innoculating your gut with the bacteria that can counter the bugs that are actually in your environment.

Sauerkraut is cabbage fermented with one other ingredient: salt. The probitioics are ALREADY in the area, you just coax them to grow and use the cabbage for food…I think.

So does it make sense to get Greek biotics and eat them in South Carolina? Are they greek biotics by the time they are processed and packaged?

I’m not knocking convenience but if you are trying to address a medical condition as opposed to just being generally healthy, then it may behoove you to ‘roll your own’ as it were.

Say “No” to TyleNOl

February 27, 2012 3 comments

Several years ago, I had heard that Tylenol was about the worse drug you can take because it actually reduces L-glutathione which is the master antioxidant in your body.   NPR has raised this issue again by asking if it makes asthma worse.  In the past some in the autism community had foresworn the use  of it and to use Ibuprofen instead.

Have you noticed that if you go to a pediatrician’s office they always prescribe ibuprofen and not acetomenophen?  Why is that?  Do they know something we don’t know?   Even if this is the case, sometimes your kid may have a high fever that ibuprofen does not address sufficiently.  The fever doesn’t come down enough or it doesn’t come down enough for a long enough time before the next dose of IB can be taken.  You are then told to alternate with acetomenophin….I wouldn’t do it!  See this pubmed article about the link between autism and asthma.

I’ve found that vitamin C is a sufficient anti-inflammatory for me.  In fact I did not need to take codeine after a root canal because the Vit C held back the inflammation.

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Heart disease cause disputed

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

The traditional hypothesis is that a blockage in the arteries cause a heart attack.  however Dr. Kern believeed it was caused by excessive acid in the left ventricle.  That with poor energy conditions, acidosis occurs which causes fermentation, which then lowers Ph and this creates apoptosis. (self digestion).

Dr. Kern believed that an extract of a plant called g-Strophantinum  available in Germany under the name Strodival will limit acidosis and could help in decreasing infarctions.

The substance can be poisonous and therefore should not be taken without a knowledgeable practitioner’s guidance.  But remember too much water is not good for you either.

Another theory holds that most diseases are caused by infections agents, some recent studies show a link between a form of Chlamydia and heart attacks.  Maybe the chlamydia causes the reason for the plaque to build up in the first place. 


Glutathione…for what?

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment


Glutathione is the master antioxidant in your body.  It is made from 3 amino acids L-Cystein, L-glutamic acid, and Glycine.  So presumably if you have these in your body you should be making enough glutathione.  But that assumes you have the enzymes you need, and that you have no biochemical processes that are “using up” the glutathione. 

Low glutathione is implicated in Autism, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Cancer, AIDS, etc.  However it is very difficult to take supplements orally to help.  There are several options.

1) Whey Protein.  Usually found in the liquid part of the yogurt.  Drink this!  You can also get supplements such as Immunocal which is a dry powdery mix that you can mix with liquids and ingest.  This is not glutathione but provides the building blocks to make it.

2) Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that helps increase gluathione (this is also a liver support)

3) N Acetyl Cysteine or (NAC) is a precusor for direction transformation however some people do not methylate well and taking Cysteine could be problematic

4) Reduced Glutathione location from Kirkman’s is glutathione in a lipid base that is available to the body transdermally. Just apply it directly to the skin. 

Glutathione has sulfur in it, so you may notice a sulfury smell, but the good it will do you is worth it. In this day of oxidative stress, and inflammatory conditions, supporting your body’s production or supplementing transdermally is a great way of boosting your health naturally.

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Masgutova 5-Day Family Conference, April 9-14 in DC!

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Gluten Free, Delicious

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

I got a Living Social deal for 50% off @ GlutenFreely.  It has a nice set of foods that with the deal were worth trying.  They had a sample pack of portable meals that I wanted to try. With flavors such as salmon, sunbutter, hummous, turkey pepperoni and tuna.   Each separate course comes in its own little package so you can eat only what you are interested in.

 The crackers that supply the bready part of the meal are gluten free, but the other items are also sometimes peanut free, nut free, egg free, dairy free, fish and shellfish free (like the Sunbutter one). I’m always skeptical about new products, but these have no trans fats, no high fructose corn syrup or MSG.   I’m hooked!

These are not meals for teenage boys who need lots of calories and lots of meat, but if you are middle aged and want  to improve your diet and portions these are great.  They are also low in calories and require no refridgeration.  Plus there’s a soduko card in the packaging.

And you always get dessert!

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