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Orange Essential Oil as an Antihistamine

December 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Got allergies?  Maybe you have mast cell degranulation going on.   Usually taking antihistamines is the way to go, but for severe cases even they don’t work.  A testimonial at claims that taking 10-20 drops of high quality Orange essential oil has had the same effect. 

Orange Blossom

Interestingly we already know that Vitamin C is also a potent anti-histamine.   And vitamin C is found in oranges!   My springtime allergies have completely receded because of this.  Wikipedia notes that 2 grams might be enough, but it’s better to follow this protocol:

  1. Take a small amount (50mg) of a vitamin C tablet and watch your symptoms.  You may find relief of symptoms or you may find loose stools.
  2. If no response, double your dose, or move up by 50mg  increments until you get to the point of loose stools.  When you reach that point, move down by 50mg increments until the loose stools go away.
  3. This is your maintenance dose

If your overall health improves (less stress) you may find that you might need to back down more.  If seasonal allergies come roaring in you might have to up the dose.  And generally speaking Vitamin C is good for colds and is held in reserve in your adrenals.  So there may be another advantage there.

 Good luck!


Mast Cells and autoimmunity

December 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi everyone, I’ve got a bunch of drafts for PTSD in my queue but wanted to highlight that Mast Cells mediate autoimmunity. 

In an article entitled ” Mast Cells are Important Modifiers of Autoimmune Disease: With so Much Evidence, Why is There Still Controversy?”  Although Mast Cells are secondary immune responses they are at least treatable.  You can use prescriptions like ketotifen, but you can also use good ole vitamin C to tame the histamine response.  It may not get at the source but could limit inflammation in general. 



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