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Touch and Move

Massage Faciale © Hélianthal - Office de Touri...

Massage Faciale © Hélianthal – Office de Tourisme de Saint-Jean-de-Luz (Photo credit: Terre et Côte Basques)

YOHAF had a recent show up stress and hormones, I’ve summarized it here for reference.  Please forgive the bulleted summary style!


Massage releases oxytocin, which reduces fear. Stretching and physical activity with massage add to the effect.

Intervention studies abstract out many other variables such as mood, time, place, practition etc when it comes to massage studies, but why not add these variables back in to suit you.

Moving helps  heal affects of stress.  In this study fruits and vegetables did not address consequences of stress, but movement did.  Rest is also important; need time to recover.

Continous Stress

Stress hormones are also hormones of learning and adaptation, but Downtime is also important to integrate what they’ve learned.

Adrenaline -> Cortisol -> higher blood sugar -> lower immunity healing, digestion, sex hormones go down during acute stressors.  Can present as autoimmune things like Lupus, Thyroidits.  Amygdala grows and hippocampus shrinks.  Now you have chronic inflammation.

Recover by:

  • Be Kind to yourself
  • Eat
  • Rest
  • Walk
  • Avoid Helplessness

 If Cortisol is high/low, sex and thyroid hormones are affected.   If sex hormones are lowered, choleserol will go up. Alcohol raises estrogen in men. 

Stress causes people do want comfort foods raise insulin and cortisol.  Now there is depression and weight gain.  Now progesterone gets low and can cause acne and PCOS.  Sustained stress causes depression and lowered TSH. Pharmaceuticals used to push you when you need rest then messes up other nutrients, like vitamins, carnitine etc.


Exercise increases metabolism for up to 4 hours, it can also make you smarter.  Around 20-30 minutes of exercise upregulates your metabolism and switches to burning fat!  If stress makes fat, then exercising burns it while it’s being made.  But again be gentle with yourself. If you are in stress mode, exercising more than you can handle can create even more stress.

  • Wireless is also a stressor
  • Socialize
  • Take an iron-free vitamin supplement, especially Vitamin C
  • and minerals
  • Omega 3s from Vegan sources
  • Meditation
  • Art
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