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Fish Oil Bad for you?

We all know how wonderful fish oil is as an anti-inflammatory, improves blood pressure,  improves mood, and a host of other things.  So am I really saying that Fish Oil could be bad for you?

FIsh Oil Bad For You?

But there may be concerns with taking too much or any!

  1. For many years we have known to be wary of Fish Oils that were not specifically tested for mercury contamination.  You can now find many products that say they are mercury free.
  2. Another problem is oxidative stress.    Omega 3 oils are delicate they can break down easily.  Remember they are from COLD water fish.  Having your bottle sit next to a toaster oven or a blowing vent can easily begin to breakdown
  3. Maybe not in a physical way, but if you are vegetarian you can’t really have it at all can you?

But to address these in reverse order, you can easily start taking vegan Omega 3s directly from the algae that produce them.

Ok but then what about Oxidative Stress? We see that too much Omega 3s can decrease lifespan.  However the authors of the study promote the addition of antioxidants, not the removal of the oils.  You can limit the dangers of oxidative stress by taking astaxanthin, found in Krill Oil. In addition another study shows that oxidative stress was actually reduced when specifically using OmaCor capsules. These are prescription fish oils that have been altered and purified. 

This is important when it comes  to well known problems with mercury in fish oil.  But in industrial fish there is also a concern about arsenic.  This is where the vegan oils show the promise of bypassing the mercury and aresenic contamination.

All in all, the dynamics may be dependent on the type of DHA/EPA you are getting, but it could also be dose dependent, a safe bet would be taking no more than 1g per day.  A safer bet would be to get your oils directly from the algae that produces the EFAs.

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