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Dangerous Medical Interventions for the Elderly

I recently received an email from a local farmer, Myron Horst, about the problems their family went through when their elderly mom was sent to the hospital.  He mentions a coordinated response that was more for the benefit of the hospital rather than the patient.

Virginia Hopkins details the extreme, and unconscionable actions by SEVERAL doctors when her mother had a mild stroke. Neurological work ups done? No but let’s do some procedures immediately, complete with a helicopter ride.  Each separate doctor wanted her on a different pill…which are likely to send you to the ER if you are not already there.  And if you are there, expect it to be loud, uncomfortable, while you are alone, until someone comes to take your temperature, then 30 min later someone else wakes you up to take some blood,  then someone else wants to do something else.  You know what I’m talking about.

Hospital Monopoly

In this NY Times article, Creswell and Abelson document how hospital practice and consolidation results in higher prices, and and no one will say this…poorer service.  Doctors who have sold their practice now have to worry about meeting financial targets.  You know that when private equity firms have interest, things are going to heck fast. Doctors are rewarded for keeping patients in hospitals longer, or ordering more tests, or admitting them quickly  in the first place.

Local Hospitals

English: W 6th Ave passing by parking garage f...

English: W 6th Ave passing by parking garage for Denver Health(hospital). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What can be done about this? It seems not much if you don’t have $$$.  My parents live near a community hospital.  Recently I’ve seen them spiff up the place, add a nursing facility and a parking garage.  The nurses that I’ve seem to be in good spirits and it is non-profit.

Teaching hospitals too are afilliated with universities or medical schools. However they are now being sold to investors.

What do you think Obamacare will have on this consolidation?

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