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“Roundup ™ is an antibiotic”

Yeah, but you wouldn’t use it to help you heal.

But first definitions.  GE, GMO, Hybrid?  When it comes to seeds what’s what? Luckily Better Hens and Gardens has an article about this.  Bottom line is that GE (genetically engineered) seeds are where technology mates species to produce seeds that would never be found together in nature.  GMO, includes GE, but also includes hybrid seeds.

I was listening to Your Own Health and Fitness, and this weeks show is on GMO.  They interviewed Jeffrey Smith who founded The Institute for Responsible Technology, and has a new film Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives.  I’d love to see this one!

The title of the blog post is a quote from him.   He makes some pretty bold statements, there is no GMO free soy.  The BT toxin (found in milk products….and cotton?) not only destroys the cells of bad guys (bacteria), but it also destroys our cells, especially the gut lining.  In fact it can be found in upwards 90% of pregnant women in Canada.  What is concerning is that  while they should be washed out of the body they are still showing up.  Hypothesis range from the BT toxin being continuously ingested to the toxin being integrated into the biome of the human and continuously producing the toxin.  Anecdotes show that going on a GMO-free diet improves allergies, autism, SIDS etc.

To avoid GMO you can

  1. Buy Organic or products labeled non GMO (NonGMO product-verified)
  2. http://nonGMOshopping guide.com
  3. iPhone app– ShopNoGMO
  4. Avoid the worst offenders
    1. Soy
    2. Corn
    3. Sugar from sugar beets
    4. Papaya (Hawaiian and Chinese)
    5. Canola and Cottonseed oils
    6. Zucchini, crookneck squash
    7. Any animal products that were fed GMO feed, the following would be ok:
      1. Certified Organic
      2. Grassfed (no alfalfa)
      3. Wildcaught

Whole foods 365 has committed to remove GMO products though the transformation is not complete.

You know when you can go to Target and buy a gallon of milk for a few bucks?  You will pay for those “savings” in ill health later.
Just sayin

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