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Greens glorious greens!

We should all probably have more greens in our diets. It seems it’s more and more difficult to get them from salads so people are switching to smoothies.

How DOES one eat greens?

1) Sauted with saturated fats…yum! The traditional way, use tallow instead of lard, but add garlic and cook until wilted. The fats help digest the ADEK found in the greens.

2) Salads. Take all kinds of light greens, and mix with frankly anything. Some people hate cilantro in their salads or anywhere really. There might be a known reason for this. Cilantro is a chelator and it may move metals around your body and make things uncomfortable.

3) Smoothies. I love to go to Robek’s and get a shot of wheatgrass, which should be drunk fresh. They grow it in little crates and then juice just before serving. So i tried to to grow my own wheatgrass and tried to put it in my Champion Juicer. Epic Fail. Just today I purchased an attachment so that I could do this in the future. That and I have rainbow chard sitting in my fridge right now. You could also juice fruits and add spirulina though I’m not sure how bioavailable that is.

4) Wheatgrass. another option for wheatgrass is to buy it in large packs fresh frozen. You can use the little packets as needed. This won’t be good if you lose power like the recent Derecho caused. The only issue is that it takes time for the wheatgrass to melt sufficiently to drink it. OTOH it is grown in the ground and not little crates where the possiblity of fungus is more likely.

How else do you use greens?

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