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Probiotics Schmobiotics

Ok this is a post based not on science…just intuition. 

You may think I’m antiprobiotic, which of course couldn’t be farther than from the truth.  What I AM questioning is the probiotics you get in a plastic container shipped and processed from who knows where, and mixed with sugary stuff.

I’m pro-probiotic, but is should probably be the biotics that are local to you.  I recommend when going to a foreign land that the FIRST thing you do is eat/drink some locally fermented products.   That way you are innoculating your gut with the bacteria that can counter the bugs that are actually in your environment.

Sauerkraut is cabbage fermented with one other ingredient: salt. The probitioics are ALREADY in the area, you just coax them to grow and use the cabbage for food…I think.

So does it make sense to get Greek biotics and eat them in South Carolina? Are they greek biotics by the time they are processed and packaged?

I’m not knocking convenience but if you are trying to address a medical condition as opposed to just being generally healthy, then it may behoove you to ‘roll your own’ as it were.

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