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Heart disease cause disputed

The traditional hypothesis is that a blockage in the arteries cause a heart attack.  however Dr. Kern believeed it was caused by excessive acid in the left ventricle.  That with poor energy conditions, acidosis occurs which causes fermentation, which then lowers Ph and this creates apoptosis. (self digestion).

Dr. Kern believed that an extract of a plant called g-Strophantinum  available in Germany under the name Strodival will limit acidosis and could help in decreasing infarctions.

The substance can be poisonous and therefore should not be taken without a knowledgeable practitioner’s guidance.  But remember too much water is not good for you either.

Another theory holds that most diseases are caused by infections agents, some recent studies show a link between a form of Chlamydia and heart attacks.  Maybe the chlamydia causes the reason for the plaque to build up in the first place. 


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