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Glutathione…for what?


Glutathione is the master antioxidant in your body.  It is made from 3 amino acids L-Cystein, L-glutamic acid, and Glycine.  So presumably if you have these in your body you should be making enough glutathione.  But that assumes you have the enzymes you need, and that you have no biochemical processes that are “using up” the glutathione. 

Low glutathione is implicated in Autism, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Cancer, AIDS, etc.  However it is very difficult to take supplements orally to help.  There are several options.

1) Whey Protein.  Usually found in the liquid part of the yogurt.  Drink this!  You can also get supplements such as Immunocal which is a dry powdery mix that you can mix with liquids and ingest.  This is not glutathione but provides the building blocks to make it.

2) Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that helps increase gluathione (this is also a liver support)

3) N Acetyl Cysteine or (NAC) is a precusor for direction transformation however some people do not methylate well and taking Cysteine could be problematic

4) Reduced Glutathione location from Kirkman’s is glutathione in a lipid base that is available to the body transdermally. Just apply it directly to the skin. 

Glutathione has sulfur in it, so you may notice a sulfury smell, but the good it will do you is worth it. In this day of oxidative stress, and inflammatory conditions, supporting your body’s production or supplementing transdermally is a great way of boosting your health naturally.

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