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Lower blood sugar?


My blood sugar.  I’ve been monitoring my blood sugar randomly  for about 5 months now. I check my fasting level using a Freestyle Lite  glucometer about every 3 days.   In the beginning it ranged from 109-119, but it has slowly been creeping up.  I don’t eat junk, but I don’t eat much either (that’s another post).   Lately it has been hovering around 139.  I’m no sure why the monitor often registers my blood sugar ending with a 9??

Well I was getting tired of this so I decided to try my favorite antioxidant Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA).  It’s so powerful that if I take too much I actually sleep for days at a time.  I think it creates a cleaning crisis for me.  So yesterday I started taking about 15mg of the stuff mixed in water.  I try to take that small amount fairly regularly  every three hours.    If I don’t have an untenable reaction I will up the dose. 

So why did I choose ALA for blood sugar? I’m about 85% sure my problems stem from my liver.  I love dandelion root and other liver tonics.  That single furrow between my eyes is a sign of liver strain.  ALA is a super antioxidant and helps with the liver.  I think my blood sugar is linked with degraded liver performance. I’m not saying everyone’s liver causes high blood sugar, but I suspect that is the dynamic at play here.

This morning I took the teeny tiny bit of ALA in water on an empty stomach. I had so much burping you would have though I just had a pound of gluten!  It is settling down now, so I think I’ll check my blood sugar.  I haven’t eaten anything else yet.

Woohoo!  It’s down to 109!  I’ll keep tracking this and keep you updated!

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  1. February 14, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! 109 is great! Keep it up! Monitor monitor monitor! Lean protein is key! 🙂 Oh and some cinnamon!

  2. siddhihealer
    February 18, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    GiGi, it gets better. I’ve raised the amount of ALA I’m taking and I just checked a few minutes ago and it’s 96!!!!!

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